14th March 2017

A woman from Sunderland has had her personal injury claim dismissed at court after technology fitted in a bus proved that she couldn’t have been injured.

The Claimant was a passenger on a Go North East bus when it collided with another bus whilst reversing out of a bay at a bus station. She claimed to have suffered a neck and shoulder injury. The incident caused minor damage to one of the buses.

The bus had a CCTV camera and an accelerometer fitted. The accelerometer proved that the g-forces were low – the bus was travelling at just 6-7 miles per hour.  An expert in the case advised that the g-forces were at or below the level that could cause injury.

The case proceeded to Sunderland County Court. The judge did not find the claim proven and dismissed the claim. The Claimant was ordered to pay Go North East’s costs in excess of £5,000.

The above case is just one of two recent cases where Go North East have successfully been awarded their costs.

In September 2014 a Go North East bus had a minor collision with a partly open door of a parked van. One of the passengers claimed to have suffered a significant neck injury. The CCTV footage showed the Claimant to have been waiting to get off the bus and being completely unaffected by the accident.

The medical expert in the case was shown the CCTV footage and agreed that the Claimant could not have been injured in the accident. The claim was withdrawn.

By this point proceedings had been issued and Go North East had incurred a substantial legal bill for defending the claim.

The judge at Sunderland County Court found that the Claimant had been fundamentally dishonest. The Claimant and his lawyers were ordered to pay Go North East’s costs.

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Blog by Sarah Grieve, Trainee Solicitor