24th February 2017

Yesterday Ben Hoare Bell participated in a nationwide Great Legal Bake to raise money for the Access to Justice Foundation. Our offices in Byker, Sunderland and Gateshead participated and the donations are still coming in.

Our Byker office got competitive, voting for the best baker, but ultimately it was a draw between Katharine’s lemon and blueberry drizzle, Jordan’s famous chocolate cookies and my savoury muffins.

Great Legal Bake Off in Byker

Great Legal Bake Off in Gateshead
The Access to Justice Foundation strategically distributes funds to local advice agencies and charities so that those most in need can access legal advice. The Foundation states:

‘For the poorest and the most vulnerable people in our community, access to justice is out of reach. Free legal advice makes a huge difference to their lives. In recent years, poverty has increased and support services decreased. Meanwhile, funding for specialist advice centres has reduced; particularly since the 2013 removal of much of legal aid for humanitarian or social welfare legal advice.’

At a time when access to justice is particularly under threat, we are proud to support the Access to Justice Foundation and put our baking skills to good use.Great Legal Bake

Blog by Ronagh Craddock, Trainee Solicitor