12th August 2016

Earlier this month Detective Constable Peter Surgay was sacked by Nottinghamshire Police for misconduct. It was alleged that when he was a Family Liaison Officer in the investigation into the murder of Clifford Collinge he was involved in a sexual relationship with Solicitor Deborah Bell.  It was alleged the affair was kept secret because D.C. Surgay’s wife also served with Nottinghamshire Police.

Deborah Bell acted as the Solicitor for Stephen Shreeves who was accused of the murder of Mr Collinge and is now serving a life sentence after being found guilty in 2012.

The Police Misconduct Panel heard D.C. Surgay and Ms Bell went on holidays to California, Cornwall and Dublin during their 5 year fling.  The Officer maintained it was a “platonic relationship” save for a “drunken fumble” early on.

Nottinghamshire Force Solicitor stated “it was a matter of absolute common sense that a person in a position of trust such as a Family Liaison Officer – the person who in effect supports the family during what must be an unbelievably traumatic experience – has the trust of the family”.

D.C. Surgay also faced another allegation of gross misconduct for sending “utterly appalling” text messages to Ms Bell after the relationship broke down.

He was further accused of misusing Police systems over a period of time searching for his own surname in addition to crimes around the area where he lived.