1st June 2015

On 20 May 2015 P.C. Andrew Ott was sentenced to 8 months in Prison at Southwark Crown Court for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

P.C. Ott hit a protester who was trying to go home and was not committing any offence when he was attacked.  The protester was hit full force in the face with the Officer’s riot shield and as a result knocked part of the protester’s tooth out.  The incident occurred at a student protest near the Houses of Parliament in 2010.

The damning evidence which appears to have been crucial in P.C. Ott’s conviction came from the Officers own personal recording device which recorded the Officer threatening violence towards the protesters.  It is reported that the audio device recorded P.C. Ott as he chased the victim who tried to scale a fence to make his way home.  It is reported that P.C. Ott was recorded saying “I’ve had enough of these cunts, I just fucking hit him”.

P.C. Ott who is a Metropolitan Police Officer now faces a Police disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct and it is likely his future as a Police Officer is now in question.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Head of Police Misconduct