9th November 2015

Here at Ben Hoare Bell we are only interested in clients with genuine personal injury claims.  If a person has been injured and it is someone else’s fault then it is only right that they should be able to claim any losses suffered if they were injured by another person’s negligence.  If for example a person cannot work due to injuries suffered as a result of a dangerous machine at work or a drunk driver who crashed into them then it is only right that the person at fault through their insurer should pay rather than the injured person and perhaps his/her family suffering the losses.

Unfortunately unscrupulous people do on occasions try to bring fake claims.  New powers have been given to the Courts to deal with such fake claims.  The Courts may award substantial costs to be paid by anyone who is found to be pursuing a fake claim.  Cases may also be referred to the Police.

Sussex Police reported on 29 October 2015 that a Brighton man had been jailed for 9 months for attempting to defraud Asda by staging a fall in their store and claiming compensation for £11,000.00.  Asda provided CCTV to Sussex Police who sent a report to the Crown Prosecution Service who authorised the man’s prosecution.

Click here to view the man’s fall on YouTube.

The fall aside viewers will not help but notice the reaction of the shoppers in the immediate area at the time who did not think to offer any assistance and simply walked off.

If you have suffered a genuine injury and losses we have a very experienced Personal Injury Department who will ensure you recover the maximum possible compensation.