29th April 2016

On 22 April 2016 D.C. Faulkner was dismissed without notice from the Metropolitan Police Service.  Following a misconduct hearing it was found he had attempted to deceive his Supervisor to cover up shortcomings in a Police investigation.

In brief there was a firearm incident in Hackney in July 2011.  It is reported CCTV clearly showed an individual carrying out the assault.  The CCTV was not circulated at the earliest opportunity, witnesses were not contacted and blood swabs were not submitted for forensic analysis for several months.  D.C. Faulkner attempted to deceive his Supervisor several months later in an effort to imply that he had circulated the CCTV images shortly after the incident.  After investigation the IPCC stated the original investigation into the firearms incident did not progress as quickly as it should have.  The IPCC report is available on their website.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner and Head of Police Misconduct