6th November 2012

Domestic violence victims are frequently left in unsafe positions during proceedings, according to an article On the Guardian’s Website.

The report examines the failings of the court system and shows that court can be incredibly intimidating, as one woman explains

He stood and stared at me for 15 minutes. My barrister told this to the judge, and the judge didn’t take it seriously.

Many courts lack separate waitings rooms which means that victims are often left sitting near their alleged abuser.

The key finding of the report comes from Maddy Coy

An urgent review of the decision to restrict legal aid in family law cases In the aftermath of the Family Justice Review
Legal aid is a lifeline to many domestic violence victims who rely on it. We are hoping that with this report there is a window to influence decisions currently being taken.

Cris McCurley mentioned this last year in an article she wrote for Out! North east.

Cris and her team are active in the CEDAW committee working group which will address the problems caused as a result of the Government changes to legal aid when they present evidence to the United National enquiry on the UK in Geneva next year.