10th April 2017

Have you suffered a delay in your parole hearing? If so, you may be able to claim compensation.

The Parole Board carries out risk assessments on prisoners to determine whether they can be safely released into the community. For example, a prisoner serving a life sentence or an indeterminate sentence will need to have their case heard by the Parole Board before they can be considered for release. Part of the Parole Board process includes having to attend an oral hearing before the Parole Board. An oral hearing could be required if the Parole Board thinks there’s a realistic prospect of a prisoner being released or moved to open conditions.

Sometimes, however, the Parole Board fail to hold a prisoner’s oral hearing at the time when it is meant to take place for no good reason. This can in some circumstances lead to a delay in a prisoner being released into the community. Sometimes the delay can amount to several months if not longer. If the delay was unreasonable then a claim for compensation may arise.

If your release from prison was late due to unreasonable delays caused by the Parole Board you may have a claim for compensation for a breach of your Human Rights. You may also have a claim for compensation if you suffered a delay in your hearing but were not recommended release from custody.

Either way if you have experienced such delays you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible for advice as to whether you may be able to claim compensation. We at Ben Hoare Bell LLP have successfully obtained compensation for many who have suffered delays caused by the Parole Board. If you have suffered delays and wish to discuss a new enquiry please do not hesitate to contact me on 0191 516 0466 or by email to advice@benhoarebell.co.uk

Blog by Andrew Freckleton, Solicitor