30th September 2016

The popular press have recently devoted many column inches to the celebrity divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Coverage such as this tends to give the impression that relationship breakdowns are confrontational and problematic.

However, this need not be the case. Here at Ben Hoare Bell our Family Lawyers promote a conciliatory and non-confrontational approach to family problems. As part of this approach we are able to assist clients with the Collaborative Process. This entails the parties engaging a Collaborative Lawyer and agreeing in writing to work together to resolve issues regarding separation without going to Court. The issues are resolved by the specially trained Collaborative Lawyers and the parties engaging in a series of meetings. The parties set the agenda for the meetings and the pace at which they proceed. The contract signed between the parties means that they are unable to go to Court unless they engage different Lawyers.

As part of the process other professionals, such as financial and pension experts or counsellors, may join the meetings if the parties agree.

The Collaborative process is generally faster, cheaper and less acrimonious than using Court proceedings. The parties are able to work together, keep control of their case, maintain dignity and focus on the future needs of the family.

The week commencing the 3rd October is Collaborative Family Law Week and we will be providing, via our website, further information about the process.

Our Specialist Collaborative Family Lawyer is Mark Harrison who is based at our Gateshead Office. Please feel free to contact him on 0191 477 6333 or email markharrison@benhoarebell.co.uk. Mark offers a free 30 minute consultation to all potential Collaborative clients to give them further information and advice about the process.