9th April 2013

The Family team at Ben Hoare Bell are committed to dealing with cases in a non confrontational manner and to assist clients to settle their differences by agreement wherever possible.

As part of this commitment, we are able to offer our clients the collaborative family law process. This is a relatively new way of dealing with family matters. In the collaborative process each person appoints their own lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations between you and your partner by letter or phone you and your lawyers all meet together to work things out face to face in a series of meetings. Rather than dealing through your solicitors, you work with them, to reach the best solutions for you and your family. We can also suggest bringing in other professionals such as family consultants or financial advisers into the process to help reach an agreement.

The parties and their lawyers will sign a contract not to go to court and to work openly and honestly together. You set the agenda, so you talk about the things which matter most to your family. You are in control, without the threat of court proceedings hanging over you. You have your lawyer with you throughout the process. The decisions made about your family’s future are yours, and not made by a stranger in a courtroom.

The collaborative process has proved to be a highly successful and cost effective means of resolving issues on the breakdown of a relationship.

Our own collaborative lawyer is Mark Harrison, who is based at our Gateshead office. He can also offer appointments at our Sunderland and Newcastle offices. He offers a free 30 minute initial meeting to give further information about collaborative law. Please contact him on 0191 477 6333 to arrange this or to speak him to discuss your problem.