8th March 2017

The BBC has obtained data as a result of a Freedom of Information request disclosing more than 23,000 allegations of abuse have been made against carers working in people’s homes across the UK.  The BBC has described asking every Council in England, Scotland and Wales with a responsibility for social care for the numbers of allegations of abuse or neglect made against home carers contracted by local authorities.  The BBC also requested information from the Health & Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland.

The data revealed that between 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 there had been at least 23,428 safe guarding alerts across the UK despite only half the Councils providing data.  You can read the BBC article here.

BBC Radio 4 discovered prosecutions were rare with just 700 of the 23,428 alerts resulting in Police involvement and only 15 prosecutions.

Ombudsman complaints about home care rose by 25% in 2016 to 372.  It is reported 65% of them were upheld.

Ben Hoare Bell has pursued a number of cases against Care Homes/Councils as a result of both neglect and abuse by carers.  If you or one of your relatives has suffered neglect or abuse by a carer contact our Solicitors Richard Hardy on richardhardy@benhoarebell.co.uk or Andrew Freckleton on andrewfreckleton@benhoarebell.co.uk to discuss. Alternatively phone 0191 516 0466.