25th September 2015

A football supporter Kieth Culvin pursued Greater Manchester Police over his arrest for allegedly assaulting a Police Officer after a match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford in 2013. Mr Culvin received £4,000 after allegedly settling a false arrest claim sparked by a row over fans being allowed access to the toilet.

Click here to see video footage of the incident.

It was Mr Culvin’s claim that he was trying to make the fans case that there had been an agreement with the Police to allow fans access to toilets when they were kept behind at the stadium after the match had finished. He claims he saw a figure in yellow tumble over the seats near him and later discovered it was a Police Officer. He states he thought he was arrested by Officers who believed he pushed the Police Officer over.

What was crucial to this case was the CCTV footage and the quick thinking which led to fellow fans using their mobile phone to film events. Pictures certainly speak louder than words.