Domestic violence can take many different forms – physical, sexual, financial or emotional. Each case is different apart from the fact that none of them should happen.

As most forms of domestic violence are criminal offences you should also speak to the police. However if you do not want to go down the criminal route there are civil options available to you. We can apply for an injunction against the person committing the domestic violence. For example this can prevent the other person from threatening you or contacting you. In serious situations we can apply for emergency injunctions which means the other person is not aware that we are making the application.

We can apply for non-molestation orders, occupation orders and prohibited steps orders amongst others.

We can deal with emergency situations and will aim to meet you on the same day. We also have many links with local refuge centres around the North East and we will seek to ensure you are put out of immediate danger and put you in contact with one of these places.

If you are suffering domestic abuse please contact us as soon as possible as there are usually many options available to you.

We can offer appointments at our Newcastle, Gateshead, Middlesbrough and Sunderland offices.

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