18th February 2019

A gross misconduct hearing has been listed in respect of allegations made concerning Police Officers alleged to have engaged in sexual activity whilst on duty.

The Independent Office for Public Office (IOPC) investigated the claims that a Chief Inspector with Sussex Police met a woman he knew to be a former victim of domestic violence on two occasions for sex whilst he was on duty. It is also alleged he met with a female Police Sergeant on at least one occasion to engage in sexual activity whilst both Officers were on duty.

It is further alleged the Police Sergeant failed to be contactable when a fatal crash took place whilst she was on duty.

The IOPC conducted an investigation and produced their final report in August 2018. They concluded the behaviour, if proven, could amount to gross misconduct. Gross misconduct is a disciplinary matter for which a Police Officer may be sacked from his/her job. Sussex Police are due to schedule the disciplinary hearing in due course. The IOPC published details on 11 February 2019.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner