4th June 2019

A Police Officer was dismissed without notice after it was alleged she had made sexual advances to a vulnerable 19 year old woman who she helped whilst on duty.

It was reported the teenager had a history of mental health issues.  P.C. Jennifer Regan, 38, exchanged email addresses with the teenager after she helped talk her down from a bridge.

There followed email and text conversations between the two.  Ms Regan initiated the exchange which included a message “If you’re feeling adventurous you could come and see me?”.

Ms Regan offered to pay for a taxi for the teenager to travel from Warrington to her flat in Manchester and return back home the following morning.  The teenager made the journey but described feeling uncomfortable and wanting to leave the flat on arrival.  The teenager alleged the Police Officer had made sexual comments.

Ms Regan admitted sending the messages and inviting the teenager to her flat but denied acting inappropriately.

In the decision of a misconduct hearing 16 May 2019 a Police disciplinary panel held the misconduct proved.  The panel stated the teenager was a fragile young woman and the potential harm to her was great.  Ms Regan was dismissed from her role as a Police Officer with Cheshire Police without notice

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner