20th November 2018

On 15 November 2018 Police Officer Ian Naude, 30, was convicted at Liverpool Crown Court of raping a 13 year old girl.

The rape took place in his car. He filmed it on his mobile phone and footage of the attack was played to the jury.

During his 2 week trial, Naude denied rape and sexual assault. It is reported that he claimed the sex with the 13 year old girl was consensual and that she “seemed to be enjoying it”.

He met the girl having been called to her house as a result of an incident in October 2017. He later made contact with her and took her out in his car where he attacked her.

It is understood Naude was mistakenly copied into emails relating to the Police investigation of his conduct. As a result he deleted more than 750 photographs from his phone and hid other devices including a laptop in a field.

Naude will be sentenced on 13 December 2018. He faces a significant custodial sentence. It is reported his own defence conceded he had been “fairly depicted… as a cold, uncaring, selfish and cruel paedophile”.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner