10th September 2018

Ben Hoare Bell LLP Family team members Cris McCurley and Sarah Wade were honoured to be invited to the unveiling of the Statue of Open Clasp Founder and Creative Director Catrina McHugh at the Castle Keep last week.

As part of the celebration of the centenary of women getting the vote, 25 inspirational women have been chosen to be made into a statue – doubling the number of statue’s of women currently in existence in the UK.

Ben Hoare Bell LLP are proud of our partnership with Open Clasp which goes back many years. Cris and Sarah are both former board members and Gillie Robson is a current member of the board. Open Clasp present plays which deal with the issues that many of our client’s face and do it in a way that both highlights these hard issues and educates at the same time.

Open Clasp 1


Open Clasp 2