7th November 2019

A court in Glasgow heard this week from a former police officer who denied providing details of a convicted burglar to his wife. The suspected burglar was later stabbed to death.

The ex-police officer’s wife is accused of passing details to her cousin Kirk McIntyre. The murder victim was suspected of breaking into the home of the then police officer and his wife. Mr McIntyre was convicted in August 2018 of murdering the suspect.

The ex police officer’s wife Joanne Threshie aged 36 had baby mementoes stolen in the burglary. She is accused of giving her cousin the name and address of the burglary suspect before he was killed.

Ex police officer William Threshie denied giving his wife the details stating she heard him speaking about it on phone. Mr Threshie left the police force last year.

Joanne Threshie denies being involved in the murder and the trial continues.