7th August 2018

Former Northumbria Police Officer Stephen Mitchell was found guilty of sexual assaults on a number of vulnerable women he met on police duty in Newcastle. The sexual assaults included rape. The vulnerable women included heroin addicts, shoplifters and disabled teenagers.

Stephen Mitchell was convicted before Newcastle Crown Court in 2010 and sentenced in 2011 to two life terms with a minimum of 7.5 years.

On 6 August 2018 the BBC reported that the Parole Board had directed the release of Stephen Mitchell following an oral hearing in September 2017.

It is understood Yvette Cooper, the Chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee has requested the Justice Secretary provide an ‘urgent update’ into the decision to free him.

Ben Hoare Bell LLP acted in compensation claims for a number of women against Northumbria Police as a result of the actions of Stephen Mitchell and successfully recovered damages.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner