1st May 2019

In December 2018 Alexander McLellan was convicted at Newcastle Crown Court of historic sexual abuse offences on a child under 14 years old.  He was found guilty of four charges of gross indecency on a child under 14 and two of indecent assault.

McLellan was a serving Police Officer with Northumbria Police when the offences took place. He has now been jailed for 7 years.

The offences occurred before McLellan left Northumbria Police in 2001. The historic abuse was reported in 2007 by the victim.

The offences occurred after McLellan was a Family Liaison Officer who made contact with a young male victim.  He developed a friendship with the family being trusted by them.  The relationship developed from a professional relationship to a friendship to the point McLennan was invited for dinner with the family and on occasions stayed over on a night. When the opportunity arose however McLellan engaged in sexual activity with the young boy. The sexual activity was disguised as part of a game which he called “find the truncheon”.  The young boy was encouraged to touch his genitals on a number of occasions.

During the investigation McLellan accepted he was sexually attracted to boys but denied he had been sexually attracted to the victim.  He denied the offences but was found guilty and received the Prison sentence following trial.

Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner