29th April 2019

A Northumbria Police Officer was jailed recently for 18 months after admitting the offence of misconduct in public office at a hearing before Newcastle Crown Court.  The Officer, Jonathan Layzell also pleaded guilty to harassment of an ex-partner.

The misconduct offence arose after a woman called the Police in December 2016 to report her mobile phone had been stolen.  Layzell visited her to take details of the alleged theft.  The woman, who it is reported had been a victim of domestic violence, described Layzell as “flirty”.

In February 2017 the woman was friend requested on Facebook by Layzell.  At this time the investigation into the phone theft had closed.  Messages and photographs were exchanged and a relationship developed between the pair which became sexual.  The woman describes the relationship ending leaving her feeling “used and anxious”.  She stated she had been in a vulnerable position when the relationship with Layzell began having suffered years of domestic violence.  She believed he prayed on her vulnerability.

Layzell pleaded guilty to the misconduct on the basis she was no longer a witness in the case he was investigating.

The second offence occurred after Layzell’s ex-partner made a complaint against him to the Police.  Layzell was warned by a Senior Officer not to contact his ex-partner.  He ignored the advice ringing her twelve times on one day being threatening and abusive.  It was claimed he was drunk when he made the calls.

At Court Layzell’s Lawyer claimed Layzell was alcoholic and seeking help.


Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner