15th April 2019

On 25 March 2019 it was reported P.C. Katie Barrett, a Northumbria Police Officer, was given her job back.  She was previously sacked by the Police after a Northumbria Police night out in 2017.  As she waited to be served in a take away she said “I wish these f****** p**** would hurry up with my pizza”.  It was also claimed she had called them “n*****s”.

It was reported P.C. Barrett had “not touched a drop of drink after this incident”.  It was also reported she stated she should not have been sacked because it was “not the worst kind of racism”.

A hearing took place before a three person independent panel who downgraded her punishment from dismissal to a final warning.  Senior Officers at Northumbria Police had fought against her return stating her comments could “seriously damage” Northumbria Police’s reputation.

The panel were told that P.C. Barrett’s “prejudice on that evening leaked out”.  Questions are now likely to arise as to whether P.C. Barrett can work well with local Asian communities.


Blog by Richard Hardy, Partner