25th June 2019

Northumbria Police reported the outcome of a misconduct hearing on 29 May 2019 involving an Officer who is alleged to have recorded CCTV footage of an incident onto his personal mobile phone.  It was alleged the Officer then disclosed that CCTV footage to third parties.  It is unclear whether he sent it to the third parties or showed it to them on his phone.

A misconduct hearing is a disciplinary hearing for Police Officers.  It differs from a “misconduct meeting” because at a misconduct hearing there is the sanction available for the Officer to be dismissed from the Force.

In this case the Officer received a final written warning (effective for 18 months) for his misconduct breaches.

If you have been affected by Police misconduct and/or a data breach/breach of confidentiality please contact our Specialist Solicitors Richard Hardy or Andrew Freckleton as below:-

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