12th November 2019

Northumbria Police have published their latest disciplinary outcomes for the period June – August 2019.

During the above period a number of Police misconduct hearings were held. The outcomes ranged from no action being taken against individual Officers to one Police Constable being dismissed from the force without notice – the most severe disciplinary sanction available.

The Officer who was immediately sacked following their hearing was alleged to have made a false statement to their Supervisor. The statement stated a Police vehicle they had been driving that day was undamaged, after it was involved in a Road Traffic Accident.

Another Northumbria Police Officer received a written warning after it was alleged the Officer used unlawful and excessive force by applying handcuffs and unnecessarily restraining a child.

A final written warning was given to a Police Sergeant after allegations the Sergeant threw punches when drunk at a Hotel Manager.

A sanction of management advice was given to various Officers following separate unrelated allegations of Police misconduct including failing to submit accurate documents to the Court, breaching confidentiality, driving a Police vehicle in a dangerous condition and failing to store property (which may have been evidence in an investigation?) in a secure manner and instead leaving it in a tray in a staff room.  Whether the property went missing as a result is not made clear.

No one would doubt the Police do a challenging job often in very difficult circumstances. They should be applauded for the work they do but equally there must be transparency and openness. If something goes wrong there must be a procedure to hold Officers to account particularly given the powers vested in the Police such as the right to carry and use weapons ranging from truncheons through to CS Spray and Tasers and ultimately firearms.

If you believe you have suffered from misconduct by a Police Officer contact our Specialist Solicitors Richard Hardy, Andrew Freckleton or Katy Stephenson on 0191 565 3112 or email advice@benhoarebell.co.uk.  We are the leading team of Solicitors in the North East of England for this work with many years of experience. We look forward to hearing from you.