13th July 2015

The Ministry of Justice have announced that as of the 17th July 2015 special female genital mutilation (FGM) Protection Orders are to come into force. These can be obtained in the Family court in the same way as Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

This has all happened very fast as the Ministry of Justice wanted the law to be in place before the summer holidays – when there is the biggest risk that vulnerable girls will be taken abroad.

The Protection Orders will prevent young girls being taken abroad to undergo female genital mutilation. If you suspect that anyone is going to take someone abroad for FGM you can apply for a Protection Order. If an order is made and that person breaches the order they will be found guilty of an offence carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

Cris McCurley will be leading on this new area of law for Resolution. To find out more call 0191 275 2626 or email crismccurley@benhoarebell.co.uk