31st March 2017

EMS and G4S supply straps and electronic tags used to monitor individuals who have a curfew as part of their sentence or bail.

The Ministry of Justice recently raised concerns about a rather large rise in the number of alerts being triggered  up from approximately 1,200 to 1,700 a month. Alerts would usually be triggered when individuals try to remove the devices or fail to return to their residence within their curfew hours.

On Tuesday Ministers said ‘faulty straps’ on a batch of electronic tags from G4S were the cause in the rise in ‘alerts’. The fault was discovered in a collection of 11,500 tags in use since October 2016. G4S believes the faulty devices covered approximately 115 individuals but all the straps would be removed and replaced.

It is possible that as a result of this faulty equipment some individuals may have been arrested and detained unlawfully. If that has happened the individual would have a claim for compensation for the unlawful period of detention.

We at Ben Hoare Bell LLP have successfully represented clients in the past who have been the subject of periods of unlawful detention as a result of being arrested and detained due to having faulty electronic monitoring equipment.

If you have been the subject of an incident like this and you are interested in pursuing a claim for compensation please do not hesitate to contact our Solicitors Andrew Freckleton or Richard Hardy to discuss your case on 0191 565 3112.

Blog by Andrew Freckleton, Solicitor