20th May 2020

EasyJet has confirmed that a cyber-attack has affected approximately nine million of its customers.

EasyJet confirmed on 19 May 2020 that email addresses and travel details had been stolen and that 2,208 customers had their credit card details “accessed”.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been informed.

EasyJet first became aware of the attack in January.

“This was a highly sophisticated attacker. It took time to understand the scope of the attack and to identify who had been impacted,” the airline told the BBC.

“We could only inform people once the investigation had progressed enough that we were able to identify whether any individuals have been affected, then who had been impacted and what information had been accessed.”

EasyJet said that it would notify everyone affected by 26 May 2020.

You have a right to claim compensation from an organisation if you have suffered damage as a result of your data having been breached. This can include material damage such as if you have suffered financially and non-material damage such as if you have suffered distress and worry as a result of the data breach.

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