Cleveland Police ‘Putting Public at Risk’

30th September 2019

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary has rated Cleveland Police inadequate across all areas.  Cleveland Police is the first Force in England and Wales to be rated as such. The Inspectorate referred to many examples of high ranking Officers and staff “not acting with honesty, integrity and competence”. The Inspectorate also referred to inadequate steps by the […]

Conditional Consent – when is consent not consent?

26th September 2019

Many of you will have seen a story in the news last week about the conviction of Mr Stephen Lawrence at Leicester Crown Court for a number of rapes and sexual assaults. Mr Lawrence’s lawyers have requested leave to appeal on one specific conviction. This conviction relates to a sexual relationship Mr Lawrence undertook with […]

Operation Optic

20th September 2019

On 4 March 2019 the first and only trial arising from Northumbria Police’s Operation Optic collapsed.  Two further trials which were due to be heard did not proceed. There has been much media coverage referring to Police errors as having caused the trial to collapse.  We are investigating what went wrong. BBC Inside Out in […]

Tough on Crime

You may have read in the national press recently that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is planning on announcing planned changes to the criminal law aimed at ensuring that the worst offenders spend longer in prison. The changes could be achieved through secondary legislation which would not require Parliament to pass a new Act. Amongst […]