The risk of being evicted during coronavirus pandemic

17th April 2020

I am a single parent currently living in a privately rented property with my two children. I was working and paying my rent. Because of Coronavirus I have lost my job.  I am applying for benefits but know this will take a while before I start receiving any payments. I am worried that I will […]

Temporary changes to the Mental Health Act during coronavirus pandemic

On 23 March, the government put significant restrictions in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This resulted in the country being place on ‘lockdown’. In the wake of the pandemic, emergency laws have been passed including temporary measures which change the Mental Health Act and the tribunal process. It is important to note that these […]

Changing Lives open letter on sexual violence and abuse during coronavirus pandemic

16th April 2020

Changing Lives open letter to the Government on sexual violence and abuse during coronavirus pandemic: COVID-19 Changing Lives Open Letter I am proud to support this important letter calling on the Government to take urgent action to support women from sexual exploitation and domestic abuse during lock down. Our front line domestic abuse charities are running […]

Coronavirus regulations – what legal restrictions are now in force?

8th April 2020

The Health Protection (Coronavarius) Regulations 2020 are now in force.  Police have new powers to help fight coronavirus by enforcing social distancing.  The main tools the police have been given are:- The power to detain someone for screening if they are believed to be infectious. The power to close a wide range of non-essential businesses. […]