Nigel Farage milkshake thrower pleads guilty

18th June 2019

Paul Crowther appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates Court this morning where he pleaded guilty to offences of assault and criminal damage after throwing a milkshake at Nigel Farage when he visited Newcastle on 20 May this year. An application was made for his address to be withheld. This was dismissed by the Judge. On such […]

Result for Centre for Women’s Justice in Sally Challen case

10th June 2019

In 2010 after decades of sexual abuse, humiliation and extreme coercive control Sally Challen killed her husband Richard Challen with a hammer to his head. At her trial the years of abuse that she had endured, and its impact on her, were downplayed and she was characterised as a violent, compulsively jealous wife. She was […]

Medomsley Detention Centre – Police Investigation Continues

7th June 2019

Back in April 2019 we reported that five former prison officers of Medomsley Detention Centre were jailed after being found guilty of physically abusing inmates. The former officers were: Christopher Onslow: guilty of five counts of physical abuse and two counts of misconduct in a public office. Received an eight and a half year prison […]

Police Officer sacked for gross misconduct

4th June 2019

A Police Officer was dismissed without notice after it was alleged she had made sexual advances to a vulnerable 19 year old woman who she helped whilst on duty. It was reported the teenager had a history of mental health issues.  P.C. Jennifer Regan, 38, exchanged email addresses with the teenager after she helped talk […]