Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here are some important points about our privacy policy which are relevant whilst you are using our website. Our full privacy policy which is longer and more detailed can be seen below.

On our website you may be required to provide us with personal information for example on the following:

  1. Enquiry form
  2. Request a call back form
  3. Email link
  4. Sign up to a newsletter form

Any personal information you provide will be treated with the strictest of confidence. We will not pass on your details to a third party without your consent/otherwise than in compliance with our contract with you unless we are legally obliged to do so. Any information we hold will be used only to provide the service you require. It will be retained only for so long as is needed for the purposes of the service with which we are providing you and/or in compliance with the retention rules set out in the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Privacy Notice

Here we explain how we make use of personal information collected about you in connection with the service we are providing.  We are a limited liability partnership incorporated in England.   Our registered office is 19 John Street Sunderland SR1 1JG.

Processing your information – we collect information from you to conduct your case for you including advising you and (where applicable) going to court for you (or “representing” you).

Third parties – we may seek to obtain information about you from other parties where such information may assist us to advise you/represent you.

Disclosing your information – where necessary for the purposes of your case we may disclose information to barristers we instruct on your behalf/witnesses for or against you/opponents in cases/after the event insurance companies /before the event insurance companies/doctors or other professionals(where relevant to your case)/expert witnesses (where relevant)/others.   We shall disclose your information to others only to the extent that it is in the interests of your case to do so and/or where we are properly required by external authorities to do so and have a legal obligation to comply with the requests of those external authorities.

Information security – we have in place adequate security measures to protect your confidentiality and to ensure your data is processed as per current data privacy law.

Legal grounds for processing – these are as follows (i) In compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations.  (ii) On the basis of legitimate interest eg to operate our business efficiently by way of (for example) recording and how why we you decided to instruct this firm and not another law firm.   Where we use the legitimate interest reason we take appropriate steps to ensure that we do not infringe your rights under applicable data privacy law.  (iii) Consent – we rely on your consent to collect and use personal information about you on the basis that it is needed for us to advise you and  represent you properly.  You can withdraw your consent at any stage.   If you do that however and it means that we are not able to conduct your case properly for you we may not be able to  continue to offer you the service we are providing which we may therefore terminate.  (iv) Data retention – we will not keep your data for longer than the purposes required in this privacy notice unless a longer period is permitted by law.   You should note that usually solicitors keep data for 6 years for insurance and/or other purposes.   When the data is no longer required by us/can no longer be legally retained we will securely destroy it quickly.   We may in some circumstances keep data longer than the 6 year period where (for example) we need to deal with a complaint from you and/or litigation is pending.  (v) Your information rights – you have the right to access and inspect your personal information or be provided with a copy of it/to request collection of your personal information or to supplement the information we have if you think we are not being accurate/to erase your personal information particularly where it is no longer needed here/to object to the use of your personal information particularly where you think we no longer have sufficient grounds to continue processing it/to object to the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes/to request the restriction of your personal information from further use for example where accuracy is disputed and you want us not to use the information until accuracy is confirmed/to request that some aspects of your personal information be provided to you or a third party of your choice in electronic form to enable its reuse/to object to decisions involving the use of your personal information which have been taken solely by automated means/to complain to the relevant data protection data regulator about our processing of your personal information.   If we cannot fulfil a request from you to exercise one of your rights under applicable data privacy law we will write to you to explain the reason for our refusal. The law requires us to provide you with your data with one calendar month if you make a request for it.

Complaints re data matters/confidentiality– if you have any complaints about the way we use your personal information please raise this with us as per our normal complaints process about which you are separately notified.   If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your complaint you can raise it with the regulator – in England the Data Protection Regulator is Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF telephone number 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745.

The person responsible for data protection at our firm is Adrian Dalton at 19 John Street Sunderland SR1 1JG telephone number 0191 565 3112 and email address

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides us with non-sensitive information based on how visitors use the website. This could include which pages are visited the most and how long users stay on the website. No confidential information is collected and there is no data that could identify you. We use this information to improve our website and user experience.


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