17th August 2018

When the time comes to seek advice from a solicitor, whether that be for a divorce, advice about children or an accident that wasn’t your fault, there are hundreds of options across the country. However there are a number of reasons why you should look for a solicitor local to you

  • The personal touch

When choosing a local solicitor for your legal issue, you will feel that they treat you with a more personal touch. This is because they understand how certain local matters might affect your case. You also have direct access to your solicitor. They will want to keep you updated because they care.

  • One on oneĀ 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a local law firm is that you can just walk into their office to see them. You can ask them questions directly that you might not want to discuss over the phone or in an email.

  • Less travel

If you don’t have much time in your day then travelling long distances to meet your solicitor probably isn’t an option. Having a local and accessible office means that you can get to see your solicitor quickly.

  • Local knowledge

Different developments in parts of the UK present different issues for various people. Sometimes this has an impact on your legal matter. Your local solicitor will be up to date about issues and people in your area.

  • Time sensitive documents

Everything needs to be signed, sealed and delivered when it comes to the law. If there are contracts that need to be signed this cannot happen over the phone. Your local solicitor may need you to pop into the office at short notice if there is something urgent on your case.

Ben Hoare Bell LLP are local solicitors with 3 accessible and convenient offices in Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland. To speak to us today please phone 0191 565 3112 or email advice@benhoarebell.co.uk.