Dangerous Dog – what happens now?

31st December 2018

Question: My children were playing with my German Shepherd dog in our front garden when a man delivering leaflets came through our front gate. Our dog went straight for the man and he was bitten, once on the hand and twice on the leg. I have been charged and will have to go to court. […]

The Hardship Fund

27th December 2018

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) allows victims of violent crimes to recover damages for their injuries but not all victims are eligible to make claims to the CICS. In these cases there are often victims who find themselves unable to work as a result of the violent crime with no means of supporting themselves […]

Finances in a Divorce

24th December 2018

Question: I have been married to my husband since 2008. We jointly own our home and have a mortgage. Whilst I do not know the exact amount, I am aware my husband has a significant income and pension. Due to his income, I only needed to work part time and have a very small pension. […]

Notice of Intended Prosecution

19th December 2018

Question: I have recently received a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Police telling me that me that my car was caught speeding.  The letter asked me to identify the driver, what should I do? Answer: This sounds like the Police have issued you with a notice under Section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988.  This […]

Newcastle West End Food Bank

18th December 2018

As part of our commitment to helping those who are most vulnerable in our community, we decided to raise a generous amount of donations for Newcastle West End Foodbank for those who need it the most this Christmas. The Importance of Foodbanks Currently, over 13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK. […]

Police Officer Jailed for 25 years

17th December 2018

On 13 December 2018 Police Officer Ian Naude, 30, was jailed for 25 years having been found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of raping a girl who was just 3 weeks past her 13th birthday. Further details of the conviction can be found by following this link. Naude was described in Court as a “committed […]

Data Protection Act Rules

14th December 2018

Question: I have been told that under the Data Protection Act 2018 I can access any information held about me by anyone holding it and that they have to send it to me quickly – is this so? Answer: Broadly speaking – yes. And other points are that:- a) The information has to be given […]

A day in the life of a paralegal

10th December 2018

Emma Jobes and Felicity Swift give an insight into their day at Ben Hoare Bell LLP: Our day usually starts with a battle with North East traffic! On getting to our desks we both spend time checking our emails, dealing with reminders and returning any telephone calls. We find it useful to spend this time making a […]

We live in a compensation culture – or do we?

7th December 2018

  We live in a compensation culture.  People will claim for anything these days.  The number of claims is going up and up and up all the time.  It is a disgrace and something should be done about it. Well – that is the story anyway.  And why let the facts get in the way […]

Independent Review of Mental Health Act

6th December 2018

An 18-month Independent Review into the Mental Health Act 1983 has released some of its recommendations today. The proposed changes include: New rights for patients to legally challenge their treatment More frequent opportunities to challenge detention Legally binding advanced care plans so patients can express how they want to be treated if they are sectioned […]