Driving in the course of employment

29th June 2018

Question: My wife works at a small supermarket near our home. Occasionally she drives the company van carrying out deliveries and collecting items. She understood that she was insured to drive the van as the shop manager asks her to use the company vehicle. She was stopped by police whilst on a delivery and asked […]

Durham officers face disciplinary hearing

26th June 2018

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (formerly known as the Independent Police Complaints Commission) reported on 6 June 2018 that Durham Constabulary had agreed there was a case to answer for gross misconduct in relation to the force used during an arrest. It is stated that a 43 year old man was arrested at a […]

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

25th June 2018

Question: My elderly father has dementia.  He was recently admitted to hospital.  He had carers going in to his home 4 times per day but he was reluctant to let them in and wasn’t eating and drinking properly or taking his medication. Whilst he was in hospital he was assessed and it was recommended that […]

Gloucester Police Fined for Data Breach

22nd June 2018

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has fined Gloucestershire Police £80,000 after a bulk email was sent identifying victims of non-recent child abuse. On 19 December 2016 an Officer sent an update on the case to 56 recipients by email. The officer entered their email addresses in the “To” field rather than using the “BCC” function […]

Can I get a blameless divorce?

13th June 2018

Question: My husband and I are wanting to get divorced. We have been married for 10 years but we simply don’t love each other anymore. We are still living together and have both agreed that divorce would be best for our children. I have heard that if we want to get divorced now, one of […]

Oxford Student Appeal Refused

11th June 2018

There has been a lot of interest in the case of Lavinia Woodward – the Oxford medical student who stabbed her boyfriend in the leg during a drink and drug fuelled argument in December 2016. She was given a deferred sentence – a decision that indicated she may be spared prison by allowing her time […]

Domestic Violence Protection Notice

7th June 2018

Question: I was accused of assaulting my mother, but the police took no further action after I was interviewed. When I was released from the police station I was handed a Domestic Violence Protection Notice. I am told that this means I cannot contact my mother. Is this legal? My mother has even told the […]

Finding the Best Solicitors in the North East

6th June 2018

Finding the Best Solicitors in the North East During the course of our lives we come across matters of legal importance that will prove to be difficult to handle by ourselves. That is when you should seek the assistance of specialist solicitors in the North East to guide you through the legal jargon. Whether you […]

Criminal Bar Strike

5th June 2018

The current dispute is not exactly a strike. Many criminal defence barristers are refusing to do certain legal aid work. Barristers doing criminal defence work are lawyers who usually defend people on criminal law charges at the Crown Court. Where an accused passes certain interest of justice and financial tests it is possible for him […]