Oxford Student Avoids Prison Sentence

28th September 2017

I wrote back in May about the case of Lavinia Woodward, an Oxford student who pleaded guilty to stabbing her boyfriend and where the Judge deferred sentence. She has now been back to court and sentenced. At Oxford Crown Court in front of His Honour Judge Pringle QC she was made subject to a 10 […]

I cannot afford criminal legal advice

27th September 2017

Question: I am being accused of a criminal offence and have been given a court date. I can’t afford legal advice. What should I do? Answer: You might be eligible to have your legal expenses paid for you by the Legal Aid scheme. Many criminal defence specialists can represent you through this scheme and will […]

What is a Child Protection Plan?

20th September 2017

Question: Social Services have informed me that as of today, my twins aged 8 have been made subject to a Child Protection Plan – I do not know what this means. Will my children ever be taken off the Child Protection Plan? Should I get in touch with a Solicitor at this stage? Would there […]

Should ‘Upskirting’ be made illegal?

15th September 2017

“Upskirting” is the act of taking pictures underneath an individual’s clothing without their consent. It is not currently classified as a crime in England and Wales. However, over 60,000 people have signed a petition calling on parliament to make this a criminal offence. This came in light of a 25 year old woman named Gina […]

Carlill vs the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company

12th September 2017

This important court case was about when you have to stick to a deal you have made (or in lawyer speak – a contract). It is just about the first case any puppy lawyer is told about at law school. It was decided in the Court of Appeal in 1892. The Carbolic Smoke Ball Co […]