Should Road Traffic Laws include cyclists?

24th August 2017

Yesterday Charlie Alliston, aged 20, was convicted of ‘Causing Bodily Harm by Wanton or Furious Driving’. He was on trial at the Old Bailey for Manslaughter in relation to the incident on the 12th February 2016 which led to the death of Kim Briggs. Charlie Alliston was said to have been riding his track bike […]

Released with no bail conditions

Question: I was recently arrested by the police and interviewed at a police station. They told me that I was being released but they didn’t give me any bail conditions. What does this mean? Am I on bail and when will I find out what is happening next? Answer: The rules around police bail changed […]

Benefit reduced because of spare room

8th August 2017

Question: I have a part time job and recently applied for Housing Benefit. I have been told that my Housing Benefit will be reduced because I have a spare bedroom. Is this correct? If so, is any help available to cover the shortfall? Answer: If you live in a Council or Housing Association property and […]

New Divorce Petition to be introduced

3rd August 2017

A new divorce petition will be introduced next week which incorporates dramatic changes to the look and style of the old petition. The new petition can be used from the 7th August and it will become compulsory to start divorce proceedings using this form on the 4th September. After this date the Court will reject […]