Charlie Gard – What are his best interests?

25th July 2017

Nobody would want to be in the position of the parents of Charlie Gard. As a consequence of the way the case has been reported many people wonder how it is that a Judge can interfere in a parent’s right to decide their child’s future. Even to the extent of allowing medical staff to withdraw […]

Northern Pride 2017

24th July 2017

Ben Hoare Bell send thanks and congratulations to Northern Pride committee 2017 for a fantastic Pride that took place over last weekend. The rain earlier in the day did not dampen the spirits with around 16,000 people marching through the centre of Newcastle on Saturday and thousands attending the festivities over the weekend that were […]

Baroness Hale is President of Supreme Court

It has been a week of women focused headlines – both the good and the bad. We have had the illumination of the gender pay gap being implemented within the BBC’s walls, success in women’s international cricket, hockey and football, the announcement of a new female Doctor and finally the focus of this blog: the […]

Newcastle Council Data Leak

19th July 2017

We have been instructed to act in relation to the Council’s unlawful disclosure of personal information relating to children and their adoptive parents. It is understood information about 2743 individuals was sent to 77 people by mistake. We have been contacted in relation to compensation claims for the distress caused arising from the data breach. […]

Ex won’t let me see the children

13th July 2017

Question: My ex-wife and I have been separated for a couple of years and we have two children together. When we separated we came to an agreement in mediation about contact and the maintenance I would pay for the children. This has been going really well and the children enjoy their time with me. However […]

The tale of the snail in the bottle of ginger beer

7th July 2017

This Scottish case from the 1930s is the foundation of the modern law of negligence – the law that means if someone carelessly injures you then you can pursue a claim for compensation. Mrs Donoghue was on holiday in the summer of 1928 in Paisley. In an ice cream parlour she got a bottle of […]