I haven’t seen my children for a year. What can I do?

27th April 2017

Question: A couple of years ago my children were removed from my care and after a court hearing they were placed in long term foster care. I was having some problems with my partner at the time who was violent towards me and I was drinking heavily. I have now left that partner and settled […]

Changes to the Law on Speeding

26th April 2017

Breaking the speed limit is about to become considerably more expensive. Under the old regulations a driver caught breaking the speed limit could be expected to receive a fine and 3 points on their licence as a minimum. The maximum punishment for such an offence would have been a fine of up to 100% of […]

Probate Fees to increase

20th April 2017

When someone dies somebody else needs to deal with anything the deceased leaves. What is left by the deceased is called “the estate”. Often in order to do this you need to take out a grant of probate in the estate – the current level below which you do NOT need the grant is £5000. […]

Finances and Childcare with a Divorce

12th April 2017

Question: My husband and I have separated and I want to get a divorce. We have been together for more than 20 years and we have two children who are 10 and 8 years old. He has left the family home and at the moment the children and I are staying there. He has said […]

Secret filming allows fraudster to go free

11th April 2017

During the making of the BBC1 series ‘Britain on the Fiddle’ the production team working with Police and investigators filmed two raids on the home of a person who had allegedly committed multiple serious fraud offences totalling at least £40,000.  Local Council investigators alleged the fraudster was making claims from over thirty Councils with over […]

Compensation for delayed parole hearings

10th April 2017

Have you suffered a delay in your parole hearing? If so, you may be able to claim compensation. The Parole Board carries out risk assessments on prisoners to determine whether they can be safely released into the community. For example, a prisoner serving a life sentence or an indeterminate sentence will need to have their […]

International Romani Day is Tomorrow

7th April 2017

International Romani Day (IRD) takes place tomorrow and we at Ben Hoare Bell are flying the flag in recognition! IRD is a day to celebrate Romani culture and an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues facing Roma people and draw attention to discrimination that is still directed at Roma and Gypsy communities globally. We […]

NHS to ban personal injury adverts

6th April 2017

The Health Secretary announced recently that steps will be taken to ban personal injury firms from advertising in Hospitals in England.  It is envisaged firms will be prevented from promoting their services through marketing materials in Accident & Emergency Units.  Firms have argued they are simply looking for business where there are likely to be […]

Restricting Access to Justice

3rd April 2017

In June 2015 the Department of Health announced that it proposed via the Ministry of Justice to bring in a “fixed recoverable costs” regime for clinical negligence cases. The aim is to limit the amount of legal costs that would be paid to solicitors who succeed in recovering compensation on behalf of injured patients and […]