Civil Partnerships for Heterosexual Couples

24th January 2017

With the news being taken up by American politics over the past few weeks (and months), you may have missed the attempt to amend the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to provide that opposite sex couples may enter civil partnership that happened recently, on the basis that there existed an inequality between heterosexual and homosexual couples. […]

What is a Domestic Violence Protection Notice?

19th January 2017

Question: At Christmas my girlfriend called the police when she was drunk and said I had assaulted her.  The allegation was completely untrue and I denied any wrong doing in the police interview.  I was released with no further action.  I have never been arrested before but on release the police served me with a […]

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

12th January 2017

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has appointed a new lead Barrister after the departure of Ben Emmerson QC. It was revealed on 10th January 2017 that Criminal Barrister Brian Altman QC would take up the position. It is understood Brian Altman QC will take up the role in March 2017. He will lead […]

Fatal Police Shooting

11th January 2017

On Monday 2nd January 2017 Yassar Yaqub died from gunshot wounds to the chest after being shot by a West Yorkshire Police Firearms Officer during a planned Police Operation. It is reported Mr Yaqub was travelling in a white Audi which was stopped by unmarked Police vehicles on a slip road of the M62 in […]

Legal Aid available for Housing law cases

In 2012 a new law meant that there were changes to the types of housing matters that legal advisors could assist clients with whilst being funded under legal aid. There has been some confusion about the types of housing matters that are still dealt with under legal aid and so below we have detailed the […]

Prime Minister to tackle mental illness stigma

10th January 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans yesterday to “employ the power of government as a force for good to transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society, and at every stage of life” by building on the success on civil society groups and charities. May explained she intends to “make mental […]

Abusive ex-partner won’t let me see my kids

4th January 2017

Question: My partner and I split up around 7 months ago and we have two children. When we split up my partner decided that she would take the children to live with her and I reluctantly agreed because I thought it would be better for them to be with their Mam. Our relationship could be […]