Being sectioned under the mental health act

28th December 2016

Question: I have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and now I am being kept in hospital against my will. Two doctors and a social worker turned up at my house and asked me a load of questions. They said they thought I needed help for my mental health but I told them there […]

Do same sex parents have legal rights?

22nd December 2016

Question: I have been in a relationship with my female partner for 7 years and we have decided we want to try for a baby together. We have not entered into a civil partnership but have lived together for 5 years. I am going to carry the baby and we intend to visit a clinic […]

Police Chief’s Exposure is Gross Misconduct

16th December 2016

A Police Chief’s drunken tirade mocking a colleague’s recent breast enhancement resulted in disciplinary action against her by her own Force. The incident occurred when the two Officers of Greater Manchester Police were attending a Senior Women In Policing conference at the time. A misconduct hearing heard that Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe brought up […]

Old allegations of sexual abuse

15th December 2016

Question I have seen a lot in the press and on social media recently and on the internet about old allegations of sexual abuse carried out by football coaches against children years ago. I am confused by this – compensation claims have been mentioned as well as the possibility of offenders being prosecuted. But isn’t […]

Appearing in court to give evidence

8th December 2016

Question: My son who is 14 has been charged with an assault on a boy at school. He has pleaded not guilty but is really worried about having a trial. Some of his friends were witnesses but refuse to go to court. I have now found out that the boy who he is supposed to […]

Compensation for an injury at work

1st December 2016

Question: I got injured at work recently when I fell down the stairs. I went to see a solicitor who told me that I haven’t got a case to be compensated. I don’t understand this – I broke my leg and my employer has got insurance so why can’t I get any compensation? I have […]