In Defence of the Human Rights Act

28th May 2015

“The Rights in the ECHR are very simple. They include the right to life, liberty and security of person; the right to a fair trial; protection from torture and ill treatment; freedom of thought, conscience, religion, speech and assembly; the right to marry; the right to free election; the right to fair access to the […]

Solicitors to run checks on compensation claim history

27th May 2015

From June 2015 any solicitor who wants to conduct a personal injury compensation claim on behalf of a client is required to check a database for entries about the client concerning the client’s claims history if any. This is only if the claim is worth £25,000 or less – which means the vast majority of […]

Police Pay £20,000 to Rape Victim

26th May 2015

On 22 May 2015 details of an out of Court settlement were reported after a Police Force failed to investigate a woman’s complaint of rape and instead arrested her. The woman was raped in 2012.  She had mental health problems and had been in trouble with the Police in the past.  It was said that […]

Cris McCurley speaks Following Election

13th May 2015

Cris has met journalist Tareq Haddad at various access to justice events. We know that he shares our concerns about Legal Aid cuts and what is now going to happen following the general election. In Tareq’s recent report Cris explains the effects of LASPO, which was enacted during the last Government. They also discuss the concerns about […]

What do the Manifestos say about LGBT Rights?

7th May 2015

Ben Hoare Bell Partner Cris McCurley contributes to the ‘Outlaw column’ on the LGBT Fed blog. This month Cris looked at the various party manifestos in the run up to the general election. Here she explains what each party has to say about LGBT rights: It behoves Outlaw in the run up to the election […]