CEDAW Update Blog

22nd May 2013

Cris McCurley joined a coalition of 42 women's and human rights organisations from across the UK recently to produce the CEDAW shadow report. Cris talks us through the findings of this report.

CEDAW Shadow Report

21st May 2013

This week the CEDAW shadow report was released. Find full details in this blog.

Ben Hoare Bell’s involvement in the United Nations

This week Jeff talks us through Ben Hoare Bell’s involvement in the United Nations including Cris McCurley’s involvement in CEDAW.

Justice for Sale

14th May 2013

Jeff Dean queries whether the government's market based changes to the criminal justice system make for good value.

Open Letter to MPs

13th May 2013

Kate discusses the letter we recently sent to the government about criminal legal aid changes.

Improvements to Legal Aid

9th May 2013

Adrian takes us through the exciting story of the new Lord Chancellor Christopher Grayling.