Taxes: Not Just For The Poor

26th November 2012

Jeff Dean takes the stage to look at the legal and ethical issues surrounding big businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks that it is alleged continue to dodge taxes in the UK.

Family Department faces challenges from Legal Aid

19th November 2012

Clare Davies talks about how the new Legal Aid system coming in April 2013 will effect the Family departments work with the most vulnerable people.

Tom Crookes talks Legal Aid to the BBC

16th November 2012

Today Tom Crookes of Ben Hoare Bell LLP appears on Jonathan Miles' BBC Newcastle show for a panel discussion on legal aid and pro bono work.

Asbestos Related Illness

13th November 2012

Adrian Dalton discusses the new fund for those suffering from asbestos exposure. Each year thousands are left without the care they need as companies go bankrupt which the fund should address. Adrian explains how we can’t start celebrating yet.

Trainee Season Brings Fresh Faces to the Firm

12th November 2012

Jeff Dean takes on the topic of our trainee scheme. Each year we get hundreds of applicants to become the next trainee solicitors and Jeff has the arduous task of sorting through a wide range of excellent applications.

Courts Are ‘ignoring needs of victims’

6th November 2012

Domestic violence victims are found to be frequently left in unsafe positions during proceedings in a report today.

Our Role in a Responsible Society

5th November 2012

Jeff Dean examines our need to ensure equality before the law especially when confronting the
state and its agencies

Sunderland Echo discusses our work

2nd November 2012

The Sunderland Echo produced an article yesterday regarding our work with the family of a man who died in the back of a police van.