14th August 2018

We have an exciting new opportunity for a qualified Family Law Solicitor.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated Family Law Solicitor who is based in the Middlesbrough area.

If you are interested in being involved with the development of an award winning firm please get in touch.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

To discuss further please contact Rachel Floyd at rachelfloyd@benhoarebell.co.uk.

Please see below for a general job description. This will be discussed further with a suitable candidate.

Presently based at:  Middlesbrough


Ben Hoare Bell LLP is a well established Legal Practice operating from 3 sites in the cities of Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle. The Practice has 9 Partners.

The Practice has a strong ethical base and wishes to remain committed to operating within the publicly funded area of legal work, offering a high quality service to people regardless of means. The Family department also has an expanding private client base and has grown considerably in recent years. We wish to develop our Complex Private Law Children and Ancillary Relief work

The department has been successful in gaining Legal Aid Agency contracts for Family work in all areas of operation.

If not already a Panel member it is expected that the member of staff will work to achieve appropriate panel membership.

Key Result Areas

  1. To be a specialist family solicitor and advocate.
  2. To assist in other areas of work as reasonably required by the firm.
  3. To promote the full range of family work particularly through links with relevant referring organisations.
  4. To participate when required in the decision making structures of the firm.
  5. To carry out when required administrative tasks.
  6. Supervision of staff.


  1. To advise, assist and act for clients in all aspects of the areas of work noted including where appropriate advocacy, briefing Counsel, delegating preparatory work/enquiries and instructing agents.
  2. To keep fully up to date with legislation and case law in the area of family and matrimonial work by suitable training and access to books and periodicals.
  3. To comply with the firm’s file management and file organisation procedures, and firm’s time recording procedures, to prepare bills or to instruct skilled Costs Draftsmen to prepare bills.
  4. To allot time to practice development including attraction of new clients and maintenance of existing clients and client base.
  5. To use secretarial time and skills effectively and responsibly, to supervise where necessary and to support other secretarial, fee earning or non fee earning staff as required or appropriate.
  6. To manage case load to the benefit of existing clients and the firm.
  7. To comply with the Law Society training requirements for continuing education.
  8. To achieve any relevant Law society panel membership (Family and Children), and other appropriate membership e.g. Resolution.
  9. To comply with Legal Aid Agency franchise and other requirements e.g. contracting, in accordance with the Policy of the Firm.


To continue to gain expertise in Family and Matrimonial work (including International Family Law) generally by experience, to play a part in contributing to in-house training and assisting with supervision of support staff under the direct supervision of  a partner, and to continue to develop your own knowledge and abilities with appropriate in-house and external continuing education.

To increase the reputation of yourself and the Department in the field of Family and Matrimonial work

This Job Description is not intended to be a complete and detailed statement of the responsibilities of the post.

The Post will be reviewed on an annual basis. The Post Holder will be invited to contribute to this review. 

Person Specification


All essential

  1. Clear communication to clients, client’s opponents, other solicitors and professionals, and any other agencies involved in a case, orally and in writing.
  2. Advocacy, advisory skills; resilience and an ability to stand firm in acting for and representing clients in order to effect the best possible results for clients.
  3. Ability to work as a member of a team.
  4. Ability to work profitably and economically.
  5. Ability to interpret and analyse complex medical, social and legal evidence and to apply statute, regulation, case law and guidance to the facts of the client’s case.
  6. Strong research skills and the ability to consider critically how to use the law to advance clients’ cases.
  7. Computer literate. The ability to word process documents with speed and accuracy is considered an asset.
  8. Good organisational skills.
  9. Ability to contribute to the development and marketing of the department.
  10. Ability to work flexibly and to meet deadlines.


  1. Experience of Family Work (essential)
  2. Involvement in administration and management (desirable)
  3. Experience of Complex Private Law Children and Ancillary relief
  4. Work with community or NfP organisations (desirable)
  5. Marketing experience (desirable)


  1. Qualified as a Solicitor or CILEX (essential)
  2. Current Full Driving licence (desirable)
  3. Membership of Resolution or Law Society Panels (desirable)
  4. Qualified Supervisor in accordance with Legal Aid Agency contract requirements (desirable)


  1. Sympathy with ethical principles of Firm
  2. Resilience
  3. Good interpersonal skills