None of us like to think about our relationship breaking down. Unfortunately sometimes this is the case and the breakdown becomes irrevocable. In most situations where you are married you will want a divorce to finalise the separation.  If you do not want to divorce but want to be separated from your partner this is also possible and we can assist with preparing a separation agreement to recognise this.

Once you have decided that the relationship cannot be salvaged good legal advice is paramount. Understanding your rights and entitlements at an early stage makes the process easier and we can start to look at issues such as property, finance and children.

If you want to end the relationship on good terms with the least conflict possible, a Collaborative separation might be suitable. We have a specialist Collaborative Family Law Solicitor, Mark Harrison, who is dedicated to pursuing amicable break ups wherever possible.

To be entitled to a divorce you must have been married for more than 1 year and be able to show that the marriage has ‘irretrievably’ broken down. You can do this with one of five reasons. We will guide you through the divorce process and help you to file the divorce petition which starts the process. We will also be there to advise you if you encounter any problems. We can also act if you are a respondent to a divorce and follow the procedures on the other side. However we cannot act for both you and your partner.

We also have a specialist team of qualified solicitors who are experienced in dealing with property and financial disputes following relationship breakdown.

We offer appointments at our Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland offices.

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