12th March 2019

Five former officers of Medomsley Detention Centre have been convicted of physically abusing inmates.

Three Trials took place at Teesside Crown Court between September 2018 and March 2019. The trial judge HHJ Crowson today lifted reporting restrictions.

Christopher Onslow, John McGee, Brian Johnson Greenwell (nicknamed ‘Puppet’), Alan Bramley (nicknamed ‘Bong Eye’) and Kevin Blakey (nicknamed ‘Broken Nose’) were all found guilty of offences committed during their employment at the detention centre in the 1970s-1980s.

Christopher Onslow was a PE instructor at Medomsley Detention Centre. He was found guilty of multiple physical assaults and misconduct in public office. He is currently remanded in custody pending sentencing.

John McGee was found guilty of a physical assault and misconduct in public office.

Brian Johnson Greenwell, Alan Bramley, and Kevin Blakey were all found guilty of misconduct in public office.

A date for sentencing has yet to be set.

We understand Durham Constabulary continue to investigate allegations against other former officers of the detention centre.

At Ben Hoare Bell we represent a large number of former Medomsley inmates in respect of compensation claims both to the Ministry of Justice and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority arising from abuse suffered.

If you are a former inmate of Medomsley Detention Centre our initial advice is to:

  1. Contact Durham Constabulary as soon as possible on 0191 3752381 or via email at operation.seabrook@durham.pnn.police.uk to make a criminal complaint and cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation. The ongoing investigation, Operation Seabrook, was launched in August 2013 and so far, more than 1,620 former detainees have contacted Operation Seabrook to report allegations of abuse whilst detained at Medomsley Detention Centre.
  2. Contact one of our specialist solicitors Andrew Freckleton or Richard Hardy on 0191 565 3112 or by email to advice@benhoarebell.co.uk to discuss whether you are entitled to compensation for the abuse suffered.