Legal Eagle: Can my son’s guardian change his surname?

15th June 2017

Question: My seven year old son was removed from my care at birth and placed in the care of my eldest daughter who is now his legal guardian. She rang me last week to tell me that she is changing my seven year old’s surname to her marital name to ‘avoid confusion’ and that I […]

Legal Eagle: I was in a car accident and the other driver drove off. Can I still get compensation?

8th June 2017

Question: I was injured recently in an accident caused by a car which hit me and did not stop. Nobody got any details of the car. Is it possible for me to claim for my injuries? I got a broken arm and since I do a skilled manual job this is going to mean I […]

When will the NHS learn from their mistakes?

1st June 2017

I read with interest the all too familiar tale of the tragic loss of 20 month old Tahmeed Suhrid in the national press at the weekend.  Tahmeed died in the Royal London Hospital after he had been born prematurely and needed intervention. After a number of months of treatment and after a series of catastrophic […]

Legal Eagle: Possession proceedings as a result of anti-social behaviour

25th May 2017

Question: I rent my house from a Housing Association. They have served me with a Notice Seeking Possession a while ago and have now issued possession proceedings because of allegations of anti-social behaviour. The Court hearing is in a week’s time. I have nowhere to go and I cannot afford a solicitor. Answer: Whilst there […]